Pots and pottery

'Whilst constantly aware of the worlds superb legacy of classical forms, I aim to explore contemporary themes - using flowing lines and a full sense of volume'.

Making, Glazing and firing



  • Porcelain pots ¬†thrown and turned on a Leach style wooden kick wheel
  • Stoneware pots created on an electric Shimpo wheel.


  • Feldspathic glazes, using traditional recipes, ¬†attractive and hard wearing.
  • Celadon is a pale green, gained from small additions of iron.
  • Tenmoku is rich in iron, giving a deep, shiny dark glaze.
  • Durable wood ash glazes - using ash from woodburner.


  • Dried pots bisque fired before glazing
  • Reduction fired in down draught gas kiln to around 1280c.